Brandwood Is Set To Get The City’s First Wheelie Bins

Brandwood and Harborne have been announced as the wards that will pilot Birmingham City Council’s new wheelie bin refuse collection scheme later this year.

The two areas have been selected following a detailed assessment programme, which looked at which of the council’s 40 wards would give the council the best feedback for shaping the wider project.

Factors such as the location of refuse depots, current recycling rates and the type of housing stock in every area was considered. The pilot is due to begin in late spring, and the council will work with residents to get the best possible solution for everyone.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, said: “The current system of black bags and small recycling boxes is costing us money we can no longer afford.  Recycling rates have flat-lined, so the city is left picking up a huge bill for disposing of waste and paying landfill taxes.  In these austere times, we can’t just carry on burning money.

“The naming of Brandwood and Harborne as the pilot wards is a major milestone on our journey fixing that problem.

“The pilot will help us refine and shape the plan to roll out wheelie bins across Birmingham in the coming years, delivering a better deal for taxpayers, along with cleaner streets for us all, as bags will no longer get ripped open by vermin.”

The council’s plan to introduce wheelie bins was made possible by a £29million grant, awarded to the city by the Government last year as part of a scheme to protect weekly refuse collections.

Birmingham’s new scheme will see the current system of sacks and recycling boxes replaced by two wheelie bins per household, plus an optional bin for green waste, with exemptions where wheelie bins are not appropriate.