City parks safe for now as council halts proposals to remove the play areas

The city’s park play areas are safe for now after Birmingham City Council halted proposals to remove the play areas in parks around the city as part of it’s latest round of cuts.

A council spokesperson told B14 News: “Due to the high number of responses and concerns raised about the proposal to remove a number of play areas it has been decided to pause the consultation to allow us to take on board all of the comments and rethink the proposal.”

An out of date list (from 2014) of play area closures which has recently been re-circulated by council officers and around Facebook and Twitter listed local play areas in Moseley & Kings Heath as ones which could potentially close.

At the time both Sorrento play area in Moseley and Kings Heath Park play area were under threat but due to the work of local councillors and the creation of the Friends of Sorrento Park Group both play areas were saved.

Plans to turn Sorrento Park into a community garden and natural play facility are now in the works which will see similar plans drawn up for Kings Heath Parks play area in the future after a local consultation.

Moseley & Kings Heath councillor Lisa Trickett told B14 News “We have worked hard in this area to protect green space and maximise it for resident benefit. Both play spaces on the list have a sustainable future. In the case of Sorrento Play Area we’ve worked with residents and local schools to look at how a community safety hot spot can be turned into a community garden.

“Our approach be it Holders Lane, Albert Road play area or indeed Highbury Park is to engage, listen, plan and secure resources to invest. The Active Parks programme running in Kings Heath is a great example of our partnership approach and commitment to ensuring old or young have something to gain from our park.”