Cleaner and greener buses make their way to Birmingham

NXWM Hybrid Bus

Cleaner and greener buses will be coming to Birmingham after £3m was awarded to a city council-led partnership project.

The 29 hybrid and electric buses from British bus manufacturer WrightBus come as part of a £30m low emission bus scheme from central government.

Peter Coates, Managing Director of National Express West Midlands, said:

“As part of the West Midlands Bus Alliance, we have pledged to do all we can to cut emissions and improve air quality in the region. We will be investing this money in 10 hybrid and 19 fully electric buses, and installing electric charging facilities for the vehicles.

“We will start rolling out the 10 Wrights HEV 96 gyro-drives next year. The 19 fully electric single decks will be arriving in 2018 and we’re planning to put them onto the Birmingham-Bearwood-Dudley corridor.

“These new buses are in addition to the 156 buses with Euro 6 engines – the highest green standard on the market – that we already bought over the last two years.

“We also have 48 hybrid buses in our fleet – using them means we avoid emitting the equivalent of 30‐34 kg of CO2 every day.

“And we are working with Birmingham City Council on their 100 Bus hydrogen project. 22 fuel cell buses will come into service in 2018 – their only emission will be water vapour. So it’s excellent news that they have received funding from this low emission bus scheme for that project.”

Feature image credit: Martin