A charity that provides back-to-work training and other workshops for local people has launched a new ‘Managing Your Money’ programme after securing a £9,000 grant.

Brandwood Community Centre, based in Kings Heath, was awarded the money by the Wesleyan Foundation, which was set up by Birmingham-based specialist financial services mutual, Wesleyan in partnership with the Heart of England Community Foundation.

The funding will be used to hire two staff, a debt advice consultant and a money management worker, who will deliver the monthly ‘Managing Your Money’ workshops on handling household finances, budgeting and planning.

The new staff will also offer one-to-one sessions on safe internet banking and how to avoid fraud.

Following the introduction of Universal Credit, the Brandwood Community Centre spotted a demand for a money management service to help people in Kings Heath understand and manage their money.

Patricia Watson, Centre Manager at Brandwood Community Centre, said: “There are lots of people living in Kings Heath and surrounding areas who are really struggling financially and desperately need some practical advice and support so we’ve created inclusive, group-based workshops to help build understanding on budgeting and debt management.

“The funding from the Wesleyan Foundation has been vital to the launch of this programme, so we’re very grateful to them for the support we’ve received.”

Vicki Wentworth, Wesleyan’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “The money management workshops will help residents to understand and take charge of their finances, and we hope it will make a real difference to people in Kings Heath.

“The Wesleyan Foundation was created to support innovative, community-based initiatives like Brandwood Community Centre and we’re pleased to see the funding had a really positive impact.”

The Foundation was launched by Wesleyan in June 2017 and has provided £300,000 in funding to 87 charities, community groups and social enterprises around the country.

For more information about the Wesleyan Foundation and to apply for funding visit the Foundation section of the Wesleyan website.