Crimewatch Roadshow Rolls Into The Midlands

West Midlands Police will be the hosts when BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow rolls into the region next week.

The popular mid-morning show will be broadcast live from Birmingham on Monday and Tuesday (1 and 2 July) featuring dozens of appeals and behind the scenes footage from England’s second largest force.

Amongst the cases under the spotlight is the burglary of a family in Moseley, in which Asian gold worth tens of thousands of pounds was stolen. The family speak of their distress at being woken by intruders in their home, whilst the investigation team urge witnesses to the raid to come forward.

As well as appealing for public help to solve outstanding crimes in the region, officers will be giving viewers a unique look at some of the more proactive work undertaken by the force, to rid West Midlands’ streets of crime.

The show sees officers in Stourbridge in action, waking residents who have left themselves vulnerable to crime by leaving their cars unlocked, a dedicated motorway cop trying to track those responsible for the theft of a large number of historic classic Minis, and the force’s Gang Taskforce carrying out a series of raids across the force area.

Day two of the show will be broadcast live from West Midlands Police’s dog unit − the base for all of the force’s working dogs and home to the ever popular Pup Idol contenders.

Head of Corporate Communications, Dan Barton, said: “Crimewatch Roadshow offers the viewing public a great chance to not only get involved in finding those who’ve committed crimes across the region, as well as showcasing the great work of our dedicated officers on a daily basis.

“We urge people to get involved and pass on all information that they may have to solve some of these cases. The help offered by the people of the West Midlands is always invaluable and even the tiniest piece of information may well provide the key to put offenders before the courts.”

Crimewatch Roadshow is currently broadcasting from the Midlands region, and is aired on BBC1 between 9.15am and 10am.