Department for Education formally respond to Baverstock Academy petition

The Department for Education have formally responded to a petition local MP Steve McCabe presented to parliament with over 1,500 signatures calling for the Government to Save Baverstock Academy in Druids Heath.

But the local MP is still yet to hear from the Education Secretary who has so far refused to discuss the desperate situation with the MP.

The Department for Education responded to the petition this week but failed to offer any new information about how the school was allowed to get into this situation in the first place.

The Department for Education’s full response to the petition can be found here.

Steve said: “I’m not surprised the Education Department have failed to offer any new information about what they claim to have done to rescue Baverstock Academy. Their bland response makes it sound as if those involved in running the school volunteered for closure.”

“The truth is that they had a gun held to their head, telling them there would be no more money and closure was the only option. It looks as if government plans for Selly Oak constituency are to close an 800 place school despite rising demand which means more children getting up at 5.30am to catch buses to schools all over the city and an average cut of £600 per pupil funding for every school in the constituency.”

“No wonder nobody here has any faith in this government’s education policies. They have prevailed over a situation where a once successful school was allowed to convert into a Single Trust Academy without proper support and since the first signs of trouble the only answer seems to have been to run it down and close it down.”

“I find it astonishing that I haven’t even received a response yet from the Secretary of State to my request for an urgent meeting and even more shameful that she’s rumoured to be planning a visit Birmingham for a photo op with the great and the good but avoiding Baverstock children and parents like the plague.”