Event: Car Culture In Kings Heath

Students from Queensbridge and Kings Heath Primary School have been working hard looking at the issues around safety and road use along our busy High Street. On 30th March from 10:00AM and 3:00PM at the Village Square they will showcase some of work and asking the wider community to contribute to the debate around improving our High Street.

‘Car Culture’ is a project responding to concerns following the death of Hope Fennell and has been supported by many organisations, shops and individuals living and working in Kings Heath. It can be hard for young people’s views to be heard, and a challenge to represent the views of all High Street Users. As one interviewee said, ‘It’s a tricky one, there’s so much going on’.

Car culture has used a range of different means to examine road use, and how safe we feel on our own High Street. Rice has been used to visualise road statistics, groups have visited the high street, taking photos, conducting surveys and interviewing a range of different people interested in safety on the road. The project also reviews journeys to schools, many of which involve crossing the High Street, interviewing parents, staff and lollipop men, and creating short re-enactments to help discussion.

One student commented, ‘It’s difficult to know what to do, but there’s got to be something we can do’.

The project is funded by BCC Community first and led by Hall Green Arts Forum with Kings Heath Residents Forum, Sustrans, Queensbridge and Kings Heath Primary Schools.

Kings Heath Village Square
Between 10:00AM and 3:00PM
30th March 2013