Gallagher Estates Submits Planning For 178 Homes In Wythall

Gallagher Estates have submitted an outline planning application at Bleakhouse Farm, Wythall for up to 178 houses associated pubic open space, balancing pond and associated earthworks.

The Council are in the process of checking the submitted information to make sure it is complete and satisfactory. BDC are now carrying out consultation with statutory consultees to ensure that no major amendments are required. Once this position has been reached BDC will notify all relevant neighbours.

The advantage of this approach is that local residents will be clearer about which plans are being proposed and those which they are commenting on.

There will be consultation associated with this application to include neighbour notification letters, the displaying of site notices around the site, and the publication of a press notice in the paper.

It is anticipated that neighbour notification letters will be sent out on

Friday 23rd November
All neighbours and interested parties will then be given 21 days to view the information associated with the planning proposal and to make any comments.

Please note that Planning Officers from the Council will be holding a public exhibition at Park Hall, Wythall Park & House, Silver Street on Friday 30th November between 4.30pm and 7.30pm to explain the proposal and answer any questions.

Details of this meeting will also be provided in the letters to be sent to all relevant neighbours.

The Council have also placed an advert in The Wythall Directory to notify local people of the proposed development. The Directory will be distributed to local residents between 29th November and 6th December.

The advert will effectively be a notification to tell residents that an application at Bleakhouse Farm, Wythall has been submitted and that they have an opportunity to make comments. The advert will also provide details of the planning exhibition on 30th November, although given the distribution time scales this may be too late to notify some residents.

Please be advised that Stacey Green is the case officer dealing with this application and her contact details are[email protected] and 01527 881 342.

Wythall Parish Council will be considering this planning application at a special meeting of its Planning Committee to be held some time during December. This will be a public meeting and everyone is welcome to attend. Further details form the Parish Office tel 01564 823149.