Headteacher Issues Warning After School Boy Followed Home On Multiple Occasions

Parents are being warned to reiterate “stranger danger” advice to their kids after a school boy was followed home on the bus on multiple occasions in Kings Heath.

In a text message to parents, Wheelers Lane Technology College headteacher Carolyn Snaith said “One of our students has been followed home on a bus by an older man on a number of occasions in the last few days; the police are involved. The man was by the number 50 bus stop near Wheelers Lane.”

She further added “Please remind your son to keep himself safe and report any concerns they have to the school, yourself, the bus driver or police”

Wheelers Lane Primary School also issued a warning to parents asking them to be extra vigilant.

West Midlands Police have issued the following advice:

  • Never go off on your own with a stranger, take things from them or get in a car with them.
  • Make sure you tell your parents where you are.
  • If someone scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable, go somewhere safe, which could be your home, your school or a police station.
  • Remember to tell someone what has happened straight away.

Call 101 to report ANY suspicious activity or call 999 if it’s an emergency.