Help us find missing Louie the Yorkshire Terrier

Dogs are known to be mans best friend, some pet owners will tell you they love there pets as much as their own children, but imagine if your best friend went missing. It’s incredibly upsetting and stressful when your pet goes missing, however most are reunited with owners after a few days, imagine if your dog was missing for over 8 weeks.

We actually found out about Louie by chance, one of our editors was browsing a local Facebook group when he saw a post about a missing dog. We where heart broken when we discovered Louie has been missing for 8 weeks, that’s when we decided we need to help find Louie and bring him back home.

Louie is a 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier he went missing on the 25th September 2012. Unfortunately he was let out accidentally by workmen at his owners home on Baldwin Road in Kings Norton. 

Louie – Missing since September

Louie is Black and Tan and is only approx 12 inches long. One thing that stands out is his ears are quite big and stand up.

In their search Louie’s owner Yvonne answered an advertisement on Gumtree for a male Yorkshire Terrier for sale that they potentially thought could have been Louie. Sadly it wasn’t him but Yvonne was worried for the welfare of Freddie so they rescued him!

“He was very scared and I was worried he would fall into the wrong hands so I bought him home. He spent the first two days snarling at me from behind my sofa. I’m pleased to say he is now doing really well and if he’s not sat on my lap being fussed he’s following me everywhere.”

“Ray Dedicoat from Hollytrees Kennels has been actively supporting us in our search for Louie and three other Yorkie s have been rescued in the process. Two have been reunited with their owners and the third has now been successfully re-homed  We keep praying that Louie will be next.”

“We have had amazing support from family and friends. Louie also belongs to an obedience and agility club, their support has also been fantastic. Complete strangers have called and offered help, we have encountered so many wonderful people in our search.”

As part of our mission to find Louie B14 News is offering a £100 reward for finding Louie along with a £100 donation to Hollytrees Kennels for loving the unloved.

If you know where Louie is you can leave message on the B14 News voice mail line by calling 0121 288 0500 or call 07982244152

A Facebook page has been set up as part of the search for Louie: