I Like Trains At The Hare And Hounds

2012 saw I Like Trains return with their critically acclaimed third full length record, €™The Shallows€™, a document of their love/hate relationship with a modern world obsessed with technological advance. They have flourished within Leeds€™ fertile music scene since their inception in 2004 and have seen their intelligent, thought-provoking and quintessentially British world embraced by a growing following the world over. Each release has seen the band€™s reputation as a formidable live act grow. They have toured extensively in the UK, Europe, Russia and the USA and supported the likes of Sisters of Mercy, British Sea Power and Editors.

To coincide with their October tour, I Like Trains will be releasing a brand new EP entitled €˜Beacons€™. The EP will feature the track €˜Beacons€™, taken from their critically acclaimed third album €˜The Shallows€™ plus 3 brand new tracks.

€œA hefty whomp of steely-eyed beauty€ €“ 8/10, NME

€œI Like Trains have finally made the record they€™ve been striving for€ €“ 8/10, Contact Music

€˜The Beacons EP€™ is available to pre-order now and is out on CD and Digital on 15th October 2012 through ILR




Talons are an instrumental band, who call the backwater town of Hereford their home. Forging explosive energy, delicate subtleties and fractured song structures, Talons possess a fascinating sense of urgency and drive, with a sound that both soothes and savages in equal measure.

Talons are not a post-rock band, nor are they a math rock band. Talons, are Talons. The six-piece are best experienced in a live environment, where the visceral, raw energy of their music can be fully appreciated.

€Superb, uplifting and moving with a sense of melody that is often lost with similarly technically adept musicians.€ – Drowned in Sound




Sunrise Over Europe are five musicians hailing from part of Great Britain€™s forgotten industrial geography. They say that the people of our county have coal dust running through their veins and furnaces in their hearts. This place can be dark and grey but there is a quiet dignity in it€™s sulphurous past.

A little Russian fire and a pinch of British loathing. The daydreamer is home.



Ages: 18+
Doors: 7pm