Landlord to pay £5k fine for illegally evicting a mum and her 11 year old son

A landlord was fined at Birmingham Magistrates Court today (14/12/2015) for illegally evicting a mother and her 11 year old son from their home in Kings Heath last summer.

Sead Alimajstorovic, aged 38, from Bordesley Green, Birmingham, was fined £1,035, with £4,044.75 costs and a victim surcharge of £104.

Sead Alimjastorovic illegally evicted his tenant and her son and put her belongings in the garden
Sead Alimjastorovic illegally evicted his tenant and her son and put her belongings in the garden

Mr Alimajstorovic had threatened to change the locks and unlawfully evict the mum and her son.  When she contacted the council for help, officers advised the landlord of the legal process and the consequences for him if he carried out his threat.

Despite this, he and another man changed the locks to her house.  When she regained access using a locksmith he arranged for the locks to be drilled out.  After this she was too scared to stay at the property so left the property to stay with a friend.

On 2 July 2014 the tenant met Mr Alimajstorovic at Kings Heath Police Station where she expected to be given a set of keys for the new locks but was instead given a written note saying she could not move back into the house and that her belongings were in the garden and shed.

Birmingham City Council’s cabinet member for Neighbourhood Management and Homes, Cllr John Cotton, said: “When relationships break down between and landlords and tenants there are strict legal processes that have to be followed and council officers are here to help both sides move forward.

“Unfortunately, despite being advised by council officers as to the correct procedures, Mr Alimajstorovic instead chose to harass his tenant and her son by interfering with the locks and removed their property and put it in the garden.

“This took place as her son neared the end of his primary school life.  It should have been a time for celebration but was instead a time of fear and instability and I am glad that council officers have been able to support this family and successfully prosecute this unscrupulous landlord.”