Locals reunited with stolen possessions

Two males were arrested by Police after a quick thinking resident dialled 999 to report a crime in progress.

Officers from Birmingham South Response and the Police’s Dog Unit arrested a 17 year old from Yardley and 19 year old from Kings Heath on Wednesday 25th March on Yardley Wood Road.

On arrival officers found a sat nav, headphones and other items stolen from vehicles in the Haunch Lane area.

Using the home feature on the sat nav officers were quickly able to return the device back to it’s owner who was unaware that her sat nav had been stolen.

Amina Begg who’s property was returned by police told B14 News: “The police came knocked on my door at 3.45am. I had no idea what had happened. They told me that they had recovered my stolen satnav. I had no idea it had even been stolen. I was totally shocked. Another set of officers turned up within minutes to take a statement while the first officers left to try and track down of the other owners goods.”

She further added “It’s a huge shock as first time in 12 years of living here the first time anything like this has happened to me”

The 19 year old from Kings Heath who has no previous convictions has since been given a police caution having admitted the theft whilst the teenager from Yardley has been bailed till April pending further investigations.

For advice on how to keep your car safe and secure visit: https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/advice-centre/crime-reduction/vehicle-security/index.aspx