MP secures Commons debate on rising crime and anti social behaviour

Local MP Steve McCabe has secured an opportunity to challenge the government in the House of Commons on Birmingham’s rising crime and anti-social behaviour.

The debate is part of a campaign the MP has been running which calls for more robust action to tackle the rising crime and aggressive anti-social behaviour on our streets.

In the last year he has been inundated with complaints about burglaries, street muggings, carjackings and aggressive anti-social behaviour, particularly that involving gangs on motorcycles creating mayhem on roads and parks and terrorising local communities. The MP himself was assaulted when he tackled thugs on motorbikes in July this year.

The concerns of local people are mirrored in official statistics which show police recorded crime has increased by 10% this year alone, this represents the biggest year on year increase in a decade. This huge increase comes at a time when West Midlands Police have faced a £126 million reduction in their budget since 2010 which has meant 2000 fewer officers on our streets.

Steve said:”Since Theresa May abolished ASBOs and implemented huge cuts to our police, anti-social behaviour has been steadily rising. It’s often the gateway to more serious crime as can be seen with the problems posed by thugs on motorcycles. We are seeing gangs, acting like mini mobsters, taking over whole neighbourhoods and terrorising local residents. These idiots on motorcycles are not only intimidating law abiding citizens but their reckless riding endangers their own lives as well as putting other road users and pedestrians in danger and makes entirely unreasonable demands on our emergency services.”

“People are telling me they are scared to leave their house and walk down the street in neighbourhoods where they’ve lived for years. How can this be right? The Government needs to take action to tackle this menace now.”

“I’m sick and tired of hearing ministers pretend that crime is falling and ignoring the reality of life for far too many people up and down this country. It’s time they woke up to the fact that their policies have led to an explosion in certain types of offences and unless we have more police with more resources and more powers to take on these mini gangsters, there’s a real risk of losing control of the streets and whole neighbourhoods. I’m going to be giving it to them straight in this debate and I’m looking for guarantees of real action to make a difference. People have had enough.”

Steve will lead the debate in Westminster Hall at 9:30am on Tuesday 10 October 2017. The debate will also be streamed live on Parliment TV here: