Local Sainsbury’s stores help feed vulnerable people this Christmas

Sainsbury’s stores in and around Birmingham are helping to feed up to 150 local people affected by drug addiction and homelessness on Christmas Day, through its Back-of-store Food Donation Partnership programme with Betel UK. 

The Food Donation Partnership sees eight Sainsbury’s stores, including Longbridge, Maypole and Amblecote supply left over food that is perfectly edible and safe including produce, bakery and meat to Betel UK, making up to 95% of its food donations on a daily basis. The charity, which has male and female residences and centres across Birmingham, use this surplus food with the help of local volunteers, to create three nutritious meals a day for up to 150 people, seven days a week.

This year, Betel UK used the Sainsbury’s food donations to host a ‘family and friends Christmas meal’, which reunited residents with loved ones, as well as its annual Christmas dinner with turkey and all the trimmings for up to 150 residents on Christmas Day.

Timon Robins, Community Relations Coordinator, from Betel UK says: “Sainsbury’s back-of-store food donations are a massive help as it means we can use the savings to expand and help more people. Christmas can be a very difficult time for a person who feels isolated and we know that our annual festive feast can help residents feel wanted and boost morale“.

Louise Reynolds, Store Manager for Sainsbury’s Maypole, added: “Food waste is an issue our customers and colleagues really care about. Betel UK is a great example of how our Food Donation Partnership scheme helps us to tackle food waste and make a positive difference to our local community.”

Sainsbury’s has had a successful partnership with Betel UK for over 12 years and has donated approximately 1800 tonnes of food to Betel UK to date.