Save The Tea Room: The Public Have Their Say

We recently reported how a family run business in Kings Heath faces eviction after operating for 17 years when Birmingham City Council awarded the building tender to a corporate catering company.

On Monday we visited the Tea Room to get the public’s response on the decision made by the council and here is their responses along  with responses sent online.

“Lovely tea rooms with lovely service, my family has always felt welcomed there. It won’t be the same if it changes hand! City council, you need to support your voting public and not turn them against you!!” – Sarah W

“Utterly disgraceful example of an out of touch council ignoring local opinion and awarding contracts on the basis of the wrong criteria.” – Stan L

Members of the public in the tea room Monday Morning just an hour after opening
Members of the public in the tea room Monday Morning just an hour after opening!

“This is ridiculous. Who could imagine that a council would decide to destroy a very efficient small family-run business in the middle of the biggest recession this country’s ever seen could make sense? The company that’s won the tender would just put their prices up as soon as they can, thereby nullifying any “efficiency savings” that might be made by allowing them to run the business. Shame on you, Birmingham City Council.” – Rachel K

“Leave this tea room alone we have to many coffee shops and they are to over priced,and its some where nice for people to go when out walking in the park.Why do people always want to spoil the things that work,go work on some thing worth while.” – Anonymous

“It is an outrage that such a wonderful oasis is being taken away from the community, for the sake of the council lining their pockets (even more than they already do). The council raised something like 3-4 million on parking fines this year, they are literally bankrupting us all. W should stand united and not allow this unique, community tearooms to be taken over by some corporate “fat-cat”. This tearooms is one of the nicest I have ever been to. They offer a wide variety of tea and coffee and delicious cakes. Save our community tearoom.” – Pritesh D

To get involved in the campaign you can sign the online petition by following the link below.

The online petition can be found by visiting:

A Facebook page and Twitter account have also been set up links to which can be found below.