Severn Trent Water: remember your water saving habits in the heatwave

The weekend saw a heatwave arrive and Severn Trent has seen an increase in demand for water across the region.

And with the hot weather staying for the next few days, the company is asking customers to remember their great water saving habits.

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager for Severn Trent, said: “The weather has been hot lately and it looks set to stay that way early this week. When the weather gets hotter water use always increases so we have to be extra careful how we use it. In the Severn Trent region we already have some of the most water efficient customers in the country, on average using under 130 litres per day, and so we’re asking all our customers to remember their great water saving habits.

“For example, take a shorter, cool shower; turn taps off and of course be careful about the water you use in the garden. Established lawns and plants generally do not need watering to survive a dry spell. I know it can be tempting to water the garden, but a garden hose can use more water in an hour than a family normally use in two days. Using a watering can to water young plants and getting the water as close to the roots as possible in late evening time helps to reduce evaporation in the midday sun.

“We recognise that as a water company we must have plans in place to make sure we can cope with demand whatever the weather, and we absolutely do.

“Our water resources are at a healthy level despite a very dry winter, but it’s still really important that we all take steps make sure we are careful with what we use, particularly when it’s hot as we never know what the weather will be like for the rest of the summer.”

There are many ways people can become more efficient in the way they use water, so the company has put together some simple tips, which are very easy to incorporate into busy lifestyles:

  • Use showers (average 40 litres a time) instead of taking a bath (80 litres)
  • Get yourself a water butt and use rainwater to water plants
  • Water plants in the evening with a watering can – it’ll be more effective as less water will evaporate
  • Lawns are great survivors, unless it’s new turf or seed it doesn’t need watering so go easy on the sprinkler – setting the mower a bit higher will also help in hot weather
  • Watch out for leaking loo’s – stuck buttons on dual flush toilets can waste hundreds of litres of water every day
  • Wash your car with a bucket and sponge, not a hosepipe – or just wash the windows, lights and mirrors

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