Water discolouration in B13 on Wednesday

On Wednesday (14/12) Severn Trent discovered an issue which caused water supplies to be discoloured for some of their customers in Moseley, Billesley and some parts of Yardley Wood.

Although it can be unappealing, they have no reason to believe there is any risk to your health, however they do understand that whilst the supply is discoloured you may choose not to drink the water.

Discolouration is normally caused by sediment at the bottom of water pipes being disturbed. Earlier engineers were flushing pipes in the area to help resolve the problem quicker and they believe they have now resolved the problem.

The flushing that engineers were doing should remove the sediment from the main pipes in the street, however some of the discoloured water may have made its way into your supply pipes, so you can help to resolve this yourself by flushing your own pipes. To do this you will need to run the first mains fed cold water tap in your house, normally at the kitchen sink, at a gentle rate for up to 20 minutes.  If the supply is not clear then turn off the tap for 20 minutes and then repeat the process, you may need to do this several times before the supply is clear.

If your on a water meter you will still be charged for the water you have used. It’s best to get in touch with Severn Trent on 0800 783 4444 for billing related questions.

More information about discoloured water can be found here.