Severn Trent Water: Try A Water Efficient Shower To Cut Energy Bills

Energy bills are a huge worry for some people at the moment, Severn Trent Water have produced some great advice on how we can save money.

On average we spend 16 per cent of our energy bills on heating water, and showers account for a quarter of water usage in the home.  So – reducing the amount of water used in the shower will cut energy bills too.

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager for Severn Trent Water, said: “There are two ways to reduce the amount of water you use in the shower.  One is to spend less time under the water.

If every household in the Severn Trent region took just one minute off one shower every day, it would save over £20 million a year on our collective energy bills.

“The other way is to get a water efficient showerhead.  Today, only 25 per cent of households with suitable showers say they have an efficient showerhead installed.  These showerheads work using innovative designs to regulate the water flow, thus saving water, whilst still providing a great shower experience.

“Either way will save water, and also money off your energy bills as you won’t be heating up so much.  So why not give it a try.”

Severn Trent Water currently offering two different water efficient showerheads for sale here and one of them is on special offer at just 99p including delivery!