Cost of flooding in Hollywood and Wythall expected to exceed £15m

Image of rainfall data on 27th May 2018

Worcestershire County Council has published a report which details the findings of an investigation into the flooding in Hollywood and Wythall last May.

The flooding had a devastating impact on residents, businesses and infrastructure resulting in damage to more than 300 properties. Some residents were forced to evacuate their homes, some of which still haven’t been able to return.

It is estimated that the flood event will end up costing in excess of £15m.

The report confirms that approximately 130mm of rain, 2 months worth fell in just 2 hours making it impossible for watercourses and the sewer infrastructure to cope with the extra water.

Flood water on Hollywood Lane in May 2018
Flooding on Hollywood Lane, May 2018.

Since then the County Council has been working with the local community, local councillors and all of the organisations which responded to the emergency to carry out the investigation and produce the report.

Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Environment, Cllr Tony Miller said: “This was a terrible and very significant event for the Hollywood community and many residents will feel its effect years to come. However, I am very proud of the response to it from the relevant organisations, the local councillors and the community itself.

“It’s clear that the flooding was caused by the sheer scale of the rainfall but I’m pleased to see that there is no complacency and that potential ways to reduce the likelihood and severity of any future flooding are being thoroughly explored and developed along with ways in which we might improve our response.

“I am confident that the new multi-agency Hollywood Flood Risk Management Group will develop and implement an appropriate action plan and I urge impacted residents to consider joining together to form a local Flood Action Group to help shape, steer and deliver the emerging plans.”

Flood Impacts

  • 258 residential properties confirmed as internally flooded
  • 67 further residential properties externally flooded
  • 1 business internally flooded
  • Several roads temporarily closed
  • 2 schools partially internally flooded
  • More than 10 cars written off

Work to prevent flooding in future

  • Inspection of nearly 3,000 gullies
  • Jetting and clearance of more than 870 gullies
  • Detailed inspection of 11 sections of culverted watercourse
  • Completion of a drainage improvement scheme
  • Installation of Property Flood Resilience to reduce the impact of any future flooding on a significant number of residential properties
  • Future improvements on trash screens on a number of culverts – although none were found to have negatively contributed to this event
  • Procurement of two water level monitors to be installed in early 2019
  • Removal of an un-consented weir which was holding back water
  • Clearance of ditches

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