Kings Heath Farmers Market: Rachel’s Story

I’m Rachel – I am sole proprietor of Cuffufle Preserves I started my Farmer’s market and my Preserves business at Kings Heath Farmer’s market in December 2011 and have been a regular at the market in the lovely All Saint’s Village Square. I love being a regular at the market for many reasons.

  • It is only a 1.5 miles from where I live and ‘preserve’ in Selly Park. It’s a tricky cycle ride up the hill with all my produce, but at least I am guaranteed to be warm when I get there especially when Winters coming!
  • Being and feeling like part of the community
  • Supporting local producers
  • Making new friends of fellow stall holders
  • Making new friends of customers
  • I have many lovely customers who are regulars and keep coming back for more, some even bringing back jars for me to re-use (although the EU states I can no longer use recycled jars for jams – Pah!)
  • Listening to people’s comments when they sample my wares

One thing that I don’t like about the market is that it’s only been sunny twice since I’ve been going there! All the other ones, it has rained or for 2 of them – snowed! However I do feel like there is fun in adversity and everyone always makes the most of it and every sale on markets like these is a very valued one!

There are so many other lovely stall holders at Kings Heath Farmer’s Market some of them I’ve listed below. A lot of us are hoping for people to buy a lot of their Christmas presents from the Farmer’s Markets this year (hint hint!) – I can even sell them a hamper box that they can put all the presents into!

A lot of us are hoping for people to buy a lot of their Christmas presents from the Farmer’s markets (hint hint!) – I can even sell them a hamper box that they can put all the presents into!

A bit about myself and Cuffufle Preserves now – time to use this opportunity of having been asked to do a guest blog to shamelessly give myself a ‘plug’!

I started making chutneys by accident about 3 years ago. I never liked shop bought chutneys so never thought to make any myself. I had been given a book on pickling (I don’t half love a goo pickle!) and in this book there was a recipe for a Kashmiri Garlic Chutney. I made it and LOVED it, so I made courgette chutney with courgettes from my garden….and LOVED it…… and the story goes on.

Pretty soon, my house was filling up with jars of chutneys. Friends and family got chutneys for birthday presents, for house warming presents – for a ‘I need to clear some space in my house’ presents! Not long after my obsession with making chutneys started, many of my friends who were on the receiving end of my presents suggested that I sell them. At the time I was thinking about having a change of career so I thought, “Why not!” And the rest is history.

I also never liked jams, but thought it important to make them to sell, but it is tricky making and selling things I don’t love, so I experimented with different flavours and hit on Raspberry and Rosemary! Now I like jams and making jam and this flavour is my best selling Jam.

I look forward to my regular environmental health visits. I LOVE to shop for locally grown produce. I forage for ingredients whenever possible, I adore it when I get a donation of apples, or carrots, or damsons or any other fruit or vegetables. I love to have a story behind all my different produce, I feel it is important that I know where my ingredients come from.

My new batch of organic carrot chutney will be called ‘Pauline’s carrot chutney’ as she was the lady who urged me to make it. It has now become and best seller so Thank you once again to Pauline (her husband buys it for her from me… Kings Norton Farmer’s market – not Kings Heath….sorry!

Kings Heath Farmer’s Market was the first market to welcome me and it won’t be the last.

The Kings Heath Farmers market is on the 1st Saturday of every month outside All Saints Church in Kings Heath and is open between 9am – 3.30pm. You can find more information here