Birmingham Workers To Join In Strikes Today Over Pay Rise Row

Millions of public sector workers are expected to strike today after the government refused to offer workers more than a one per cent pay rise.

Disruption is expected to effect local council services, schools and a number of national services. Some members of staff from Kings Heath Job Centre will also be walking out.

A spokesperson for Birmingham City Council said“As part of a national dispute on pay, refuse collection and street cleaning services may be affected on Thursday along with other council services in Birmingham and across the country.

“Residents who are due to have a rubbish, recycling or green waste recycling collection on Thursday are asked to put their bin, sacks or boxes out for collection as usual.  If these have not been collected by the end of the day, please leave the rubbish and recycling out for collection – which will be collected during the weekend, so there is no need for residents to report a missed collection as this will not result in a quicker service.”

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the strike action and assure residents we will do our best to collect the waste as soon as we can.”

Firefighters nationwide will also be out on strike between 10am and 7pm tomorrow in their long running dispute with the government over changes to their pensions.

With many schools set to close, the brigade is sending a direct appeal to parents and carers to make sure that children are looked after and their whereabouts known.

Simon Shilton, Area Commander with West Midlands Fire Service said: “Thursday will be a challenging day for many, with routines disrupted. We’re asking people to put safety first as they plan their day and their family and work commitments.”

“Although 999 calls will be answered as normal, we will have fewer resources available to respond to emergencies. This makes it all the more important that people take care, whether at home, at work or travelling.”

“If you have children whose schools are on strike, please make sure that they’re looked after and safe, whether they’re in the home or out with friends, and give them a few reminders about safety at home, on the roads and near water.”

“Traffic collisions make up a big proportion of all incidents we deal with. Drivers need to be mindful that there will be more children out playing than usual for a weekday. Drinking and then driving clearly isn’t on. Please plan your journey, leave time for possible delays, wear your seatbelt and don’t speed.”

“Businesses, too, can play a huge part in helping to keep the West Midlands safe. Extra preventative measures and information to key staff can help to stop some incidents happening in the first place. Taking extra care during ‘hot works’ such as welding, for example, during the strike period is one thing we’d ask firms to consider. Security patrols should also be stepped up, and fire marshals made fully aware that the industrial action is taking place.”